Writing about reading about writing

I’ve become a bit obsessed with writing.

Not writing itself, but the mechanics of it. About what makes a sentence pop. About telling engaging stories. And about funny little things called “readability scores.”

Seriously, I’m hooked (this post scored a 74.6 on the Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease scale, if you’re curious).

I bought Everybody Writes with these things in mind. And I’m thrilled I did; it’s packed with great advice about grammar, word use, and more. Each chapter’s footnotes are a goldmine. The book has been a revelation.

The biggest surprise so far? The overlap between content marketing and broadcast news writing. The similarities make sense: both mediums work best when a compelling story is told quickly. But while Everybody Writes has confirmed some of my long-held beliefs about writing, it’s also teaching me so much more.

Everybody Writes is great for those who write for a living. But—plot twist!—I think it could help anybody create better blog posts, emails, or even text messages.

After all, as the book’s title suggests, everybody writes.

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