So. This is my blog.

I always believed starting a blog would be scary.

I toyed with the idea for years but somehow convinced myself the time wasn’t right. Some days I believed I was too busy. Who has time to blog, anyway? Other days, I decided I wasn’t busy enough. Who will read the ramblings of somebody who is up to, well, nothing?

And just what am I going to write about?

“Whoa,” I told myself. Slow down. Better wait until I’m not so busy.

Oh. Wait.

The truth is, I made the process more complicated than it needed to be. I do have my hands full, but so do countless other bloggers who find the time to write. And I needn’t worry about finding something to write about. I have lots to say.

I love life and its simple pleasures, and I am passionate about sharing that joy with others. Photography. Gadgets. Life lessons. Fortune cookie wisdom. All of it is fair game and I hope much of it will be hilarious.

So welcome. This is my blog.

And starting it was not scary.

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