Sony A6000 First Impressions

So, I’ve done something drastic.

As much as I love(d) my Canon EOS 50D, I sold it last week and replaced it with the Sony a6000. It’s a downgrade in many respects.

The Canon  was a semi-professional DSLR—the a6000 is a mirrorless camera popular with photography enthusiasts. But I don’t see the trade as a step back for me. The truth is, the Canon was too big and heavy to take everywhere. Its lenses were also incredibly expensive.

I was starting to leave the 50D home more often, and that wouldn’t help me become a better photographer. So what do I think of the a6000 so far?

I like it!

Sony’s camera is small, light, and solidly built. The sensor is actually of higher quality than the Canon, and the 16–50mm kit lens is an improvement too. The a6000 has a ton of features, and the auto-focus is as fast as Sony claims it is. It’s lightning-quick.

I haven’t had the chance to take the camera out much yet. But I did snap some photos on campus this evening after work, and I’m impressed with the level of detail in this group of haphazardly framed shots. I’m also pleased with the amount of detail in a crop!

Another beautiful Carolina evening!
I saw this little guy, foraging in Coker Arboretum. So cute!
The same picture as above, significantly cropped. I’m impressed with the amount of detail!
Coker Arboretum is full of flowers—like this guy, here!

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